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Get the right Guidance for JEE/NEET/Boards under well-qualified mentors studying in top IITs, AIIMS, and many more premium institutes.

We, a team of IITians, provide all the support you need, from Personalised Mentorship to Quality Content to Constant Motivation & Guidance. No matter what's troubling you, get the support you need, right here, right now.


One to One Personalised Mentorship by an Expert

Personalised Mentorship by top experts in their respective fields is our prime service. Direct 24/7 access to mentor will be provided, whom you can contact any time you prefer. Our Mentors are going to share with you, techniques to study smartly.

Quality Subject-wise Content + Revision Notes + Question Bank

We provide full study material and assignments to our students that help them find out their weak areas so that they can particularly focus on improvement of those particular topics. Chapter sheets and question banks with full solutions to every question is also given.

Constant Motivation and

Strategical Guidance

Complete online counselling program including consistent motivation on daily basis to boost up your success rate as well as various strategies to ace your score will also be provided. Maintaining the tempo high is very crucial for streamline preparation.


About RankersPrep

Strategic Educational Firm & Consultancy Since 2020

RankersPrep is a group of IITians, prime aim being wholeheartedly guiding students preparing for competitive exams like JEE/NEET as well as Boards Exams. We try our best to inculcate in the young minds of our students, the balance between hard work and smart work. Our methodology make the Students capable of creatively overcoming the failures and getting ahead of any obstacles on their way.

Our main aim is to make the child’s overall progress, from sharpening their analytical skills to prepare them to face a competitive environment.  We intend to do so by providing them with an expert mentor which has been individualised to best suit their needs. We develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimise students’ output. Now, it's your time to choose the right path!

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