About Us

RankersPrep is an IIT-Delhi based Edtech startup whose goal is to simplify the journey of learning and preparing for different competitive exams by extending a helping hand to those aspirants who seek out mentors. RankersPrep is not just about providing the mentorship programs to students appearing in rigorous competitive exams, it's more about guiding students the way through their careers by enabling them to choose the right path.  We, at RankersPrep, hustle towards simplifying the educational and personal journey of the aspirants with the help of constant support, interactive discussions, and an adaptive individual learning process. Our aim is to provide a power packed support system to students that makes learning effective and easy! We do this by connecting students to the mentors that fits their needs and personality. Our expert team at RankersPrep contributes their experience into mentorship programs so that the aspirants can learn from it and deploy it likewise into their careers.

We understand that each student is unique and that is the reason why we believe in providing individual and personalized guidance to each of them. At RankersPrep, you don't just learn but you evolve and transform into a better and smarter version of self. 



Sagar Gupta: Founder & CEO

The great mind behind the existence of RankersPrep is none other than an IITian, Sagar Gupta. Sagar, himself being an IITian, brings his years of experience into content developed for mentorship programs and learning programs which ensures that the aspirants benefit from this and ace the competitive exams. Sagar and his team of experts belonging from top-notch IITs and AIIMS aim to provide the right guidance to the students with their career development to make sure that each of them charts out the path that leads them to a successful career.

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A message for all the aspirants from our founder's desk:

"To crack any sort of competitive exams, the first step is to create a proper strategy, broken down into small steps that you can follow, since only one step at a time can lead you to the milestone. Being too much dependent on the internet resources can be harmful for your exam preparation. You can win over the competition by constant smart work and efforts, instead. Don't be in a rush to learn everything at once, try to absorb each method thoroughly."