What is Mentorship? Why do you need a personal mentor?

"The world will say, 'You have to do it,' but a mentor will say 'Let's do it. How powerful when says, 'Let's!'" - Jim Rohn.

Since childhood, everyone talks about success, but hardly anyone talks about How to achieve it? When we prepare for any regular examination, our preparations are standard and precisely what it requires, but when we prepare for any competitive exam, the scenario changes drastically. If you want to crack the prestigious IIT-JEE exam, you might need to tighten your belt and pull up your socks. The struggle to get ahead and competitiveness in fear of being left behind in today's generation is unparalleled and unmatched. With continuous peer pressure and parental pressure, things become much more difficult. Sometimes the condition even escalates to an extend where students enter into low self-esteem, feeling guilty for not meeting the high expectations put upon his innocent young shoulders by the society.

A mentor is your best friend but with much more experience and wisdom than you. For the very purpose of staying on the right path and maintaining your dedication and enthusiasm every second of your preparation, you need a mentor. All of us have received guidance at every stage of our life, whether taking your first step or getting the highest grade in your regular examinations. A mentor was always by your side. When you were younger, it was your parents. When you got a bit older, it was your teachers. Now, as you have made an important decision to choose your career, you need someone who had achieved what you are dreaming of conquering. You require the caliber to solve difficult problems, but you also need mental strength to fight stressful situations and come up stronger every time. At RankersPrep, we provide you with experienced IITians who have gone through every problem you might face. They will continuously motivate and guide you throughout the journey and always be a text or a call away from you.


What exactly does a mentor do?

A mentor is your lantern who will show you the correct path amidst the darkest days. He will boost your self-confidence, enthusiasm by reminding you of your capabilities and is always there to help you at every step and to enhance your performance day by day. He is capable of seeing the hidden potential in you and will direct it towards the right end. A mentor channelizes your energy and guides you throughout the journey with his experience and knowledge.


Why you need an IITian for JEE preparation?

To understand it better, Let me tell you my story.

I was a just above average student and an IIT aspirant. I am the first IITian from my family, which will give you the exact idea of the problems I faced. When I started preparing for JEE, I was clueless about how to start? It resulted in buying lots of books, leaving me anxious about studying so many books. If I had a mentor, he could have guided me about starting and could have helped me choose the right study material.

After about a month, I wrote my first Review Test when I joined a coaching institute. The results were not up to my expectations. I felt devastated and stressed. The peer pressure and parental pressure, and the anxiety to perform well were the way too much to handle. I was mentally disturbed and was not able to cope up with the situation. In such cases, A mentor is a person who will understand you the best and help you tackle such problems. The most important thing during JEE preparation is self-confidence and consistency, and you definitely will not like losing it. A mentor boosts your self-confidence and helps you overcome all the obstacles.


Is Mentorship a correct choice?

Absolutely YES!, Mentorship helps in achieving the tasks and increasing academic performance. Your search for the right advice ends if you have a mentor. A mentor will give you the necessary guidance, as well as communicate how you're feeling. At RankersPrep, we ensure that a mentor always listens to your problems and sort them out. You're getting an IITian as your mentor is like icing on the cake. A ray of light in complete darkness is enough for someone to continue its journey. We aim to help students with the problems that we have faced and increase their efficiency and give them a mentor and a friend during the most crucial time.


Why do I need a mentor if I join a coaching institute?

It would be far more comfortable for you to trust someone with experience than with little or no experience.

Several online and offline coachings provide a medium for preparing for JEE. There is no shortage of study material when it comes to this exam. But all these online and offline modes of teaching lack personal and a human touch. If we talk about a regular class, it has a class strength of about 80-100 students. Obviously, with such enormous strength, it becomes challenging to analyze every student's strengths and weaknesses. At RankersPrep, we provide you a personal mentor who will diagnose your strengths, use them wisely, analyze your weaknesses, and turn them into your power. You form a strong bond of learning with your mentor in which both the ends share mutual respect and regard with each other.

Several studies and surveys worldwide have proved that having a mentor can significantly positively impact your life and hikes up your self-confidence and enthusiasm to keep on working hard.

"A lot of people put pressure on themselves and think it will be way too hard for them to live out their dreams. Mentors are there to say, 'Look, it's not that tough. It's not as hard as you think. Here are some guidelines and things I have gone through to get to where I am in my career." — Joe Jonas


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