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General Queries

Why RankersPrep?

RankersPrep simplifies your preparation by providing direct access to your personal mentor. We believe that every individual has the ability to crack any competitive exams. The only issue most students face is lack of professional guidance. RankersPrep can get you in touch with an expert mentor online straight away along with quality content & assignments. 

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Why personal mentorship is necessary for

JEE/NEET/Board aspirants?

Mentorship helps an individual increase his academic performance and achievements. Having a personal mentor will help you in several ways. You'll have someone to look up to for advice regarding your studies, as well as communicate how you're feeling and if you're being able to cope with your schedule.

What's new in our Programme?

• One To One Personal Mentorship.

• Quality Content to lift you from basic to high level.

• Promoting Self Study By Providing Assessments.

• Constant Motivation And Guidance.

• Quick response to personal queries.

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What if I cancel my membership before it ends? 


Refund Policy-

  • We value your money. Our every plan comes with 3 days money-back guarantee with no question asked.

  • If membership is discontinued before its end date(after refund period), then you will be charged according to the Gross price(i.e. without discount price) that is- 

    • INR750/month for boards

    • INR 1000/month for JEE/NEET.

Rest of the money will be refunded within 7 business days.

Read this blog to know everything about Mentorship...

We're happy to help!
Feel free to contact us.

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