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Get the right guidance for JEE and NEET under well-qualified mentors studying in top  notch IITs, AIIMS, and many more premium institutes. We provide all the support you need, from personalised mentorship to premium study material to unlimited practice test. No matter what's troubling you, get the support you need, right here, right now.

One on One Mentorship

Complete online counselling program including consistent motivation on daily basis to boost up your success rate as well as various strategies to ace your score will also be provided. Maintaining the tempo high is very crucial for streamline preparation.

Academic doubt solving

Struggling in problem solving, want to know where your concepts lagging?  Well, waste no more time and get straight in touch with your mentor from top IIT/AIIMS to resolve your doubts for forever! And that's what RankersPrep brings to you.


Preparation for any competitive exam is incomplete without practicising the questions. Therefore, we have RankerPrep Abhyaas, which provides ample amount of test papers with full detailed solution. It works on the principle of Learn-Test-Evaluate. The unique point that this platform has is that the question papers could be customised, i.e; you can select the chapters or topics on the basis of which we’ll provide you the test paper.

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RankersPrep is now more stronger to support students in all the dimensions possible one can dream of!

Got stuck up on a question? Now get your doubt cleared with your personal mentor !!

With practice comes perfection. Here we are introducing RankersPrep Abhyas. So get ready to Learn-Test-Evaluate-Repeat !!

Say bye to 1000s of advice people giving you regarding preparation! Learn to overcome challenges with the help of strategies extracted from the experiences coming straight from the diary of our Mentors :))


My mentor channelize my work in the correct path and helps me to grow and develop my skills in my subject. He provides the necessary materials and test series required in my preparation. He supports me in every possible way so I could give my best in my preparation.

—  Chandramita Santara, JEE2021

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