RankersPrep Abhyas

Unbeatable experience with the AI-powered, personalised platform for self-learning, assignments and tests.

What is RankersPrep Abhyas?

RankersPrep Abhyas, is a  AI-powered, personalised platform, where students can learn, test, and evaluate their preparation. This initiative aims to enable the right guidance, support and give students productive feedback to work on their loopholes. RankersPrep Abhyas focuses on providing high-quality, well-detailed, and comprehensive study material, practice for the theoretical and practical growth of the aspirants. The chapter tests and overall progress tracking features lets you get a hold of your day-to-day performance, improvements, and lets you know where you stand. The students who get enrolled in this program would privilege unlimited personalized tests to learn at their own pace and schedule. Well, there is more, we understand the worth of every single doubt hence RankersPrep Abhyaas provides a detailed solution and advanced feedback analysis of every single question to clear all your doubt;)

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Get access to the topmost exhaustive and in-depth tests designed to ace different competitive programs like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, NEET 

Key Features

  • Learn

    • All the study material is well-organized and exclusive detailed theory and concepts which are thoroughly explained which helps in resolving even the slightest doubt possible.

    • Chapter revision is made easier and handy by introducing chapter trees which enables quick and enhanced revision.

    • Learn by practicing 1,00,000+ chapter-wise conceptual questions to increase your speed as there would be a running timer.

  • Test

    • Keeping the fact in mind that the pace of every Student is different, we provide unlimited customised tests to ensure that practice shouldn't stop due to lack of tests.

    • We understand the worth of every single doubt in practice problems. Therefore, a detailed solution is given for every problem to ensure that no doubt is left unresolved.

    • Practice with a pinch of salt of previous year tests, revision tests, chapter tests and partial syllabus tests all on a single platform.

  • Evaluate

    • Get AI-powered insights of your performance of each test and try to eradicate your weaknesses.

    • Track your overall progress of all the subjects and get AI generated feedback and suggested practice to strengthen your low-ends.

    • Detailed description about how you spent your precious time during the exam which gives you a fairer idea about how to distribute your time in the subsequent exams.


Advance feedback analysis

Get AI-powered insights of your performance

Identify Critical Exam-taking Skills

  • Speed

  • Accuracy

  • Time management

  • Stamina

  • Attempt planning

Pinpoint Mistakes

  • Wasted attempts

  • Overtime attempts

  • Incorrect attempts

  • Too fast attempts

Implement Personalised Study Plan

We believe every student deserves personalized guidance to reach his/her fullest potential. We are focused on not just learning, but also on improving learning outcomes and applying knowledge to achieve real-life goals.

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