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Journey of an aspirant


Meet Harshul 

Meet Harshul. He was an ordinary kid who had started preparing for IIT when he was in grade 11. He had enrolled himself in an offline coaching institute and had been preparing well initially.

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Managing School With Coaching


Loop of school and coaching

As grade 11 progressed, studies and managing school and coaching together became equally difficult. it was difficult for him to complete school assignments because the chapters he was taught in coaching differed from those that were taught in school.  


Doubts and uncertainty 

He used to ask his teachers about time management in such situation and used to watch YouTube videos to learn the same. It helped him to some extent, but he couldn’t improve in all areas as there was no one who could give him the individualistic support and time that he required.

Doubts and Uncertainity
Struggling in jee neet preparation
How to clear backlogs?
How to revise class 11 ?
How to manage boards and JEE?


No Direction

As a result, many topics from grade 11 became a backlog for him as he entered grade 12. He was unable to prepare a proper strategy for himself that could help him, as many challenges lay ahead of him. He was confused about tackling all of these simultaneously, and he did not have anyone to guide him personally about this.


Self-doubt & Stressed out

He got extremely demotivated and started lagging behind his peers in mock tests. He was reluctant to share his problems with his friends, as he felt that they could have judged him for low test scores.

Worried about preparation

The problems he faced were many, but that was when he came across his ray of hopeRankersPrep

Focused, Confident, Smart work with mentorship
Smart Work


He learned about RankersPrep and joined it immediately.

The mentor assigned to him helped him in managing time, and taught him which chapters to prioritize and for how much time. The mentor heard all of his problems, motivated him, and acted like a friend. And that was when his performance improved incredibly. He now performed better everywhere and remained motivated throughout.

Projectile fired at 45 angle

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